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Chris Prior-Willeard

Chris has been involved with financial markets for most of his career.


After serving as a junior naval officer, Chris became involved in commodities markets and started a futures exchange for meat commodities at the Baltic Exchange in London. He was appointed Director of Futures Markets of the Baltic Futures Exchange which covered a variety of commodities, freight futures and had its own clearing house.

Joining the London Stock Exchange, Chris worked in the international equity market - SEAQ International - before transferring to management of UK Equities in the aftermath of Big Bang. 

He then moved into transaction banking serving with Chase Manhattan Bank, HSBC and The Bank of New York. Chris managed a range of businesses concerned with Eurobonds, Equities and Depositary Receipts. 

He was hired by PwC as a Director in strategic consulting and corporate finance. This provided the opportunity to advise on a number of key projects including the restructuring of Euroclear, a new investment bank in Moscow, a sovereign bond trading platform and the development of the UK's first electronic exchange for smaller companies.

Chris has since worked in international share registration, depositary receipt development and the establishment of a new settlement system in Belgium where he was appointed CEO.

He is actively engaged in the emergence of digital exchanges and market services. He has served on the boards of trust companies, trade associations and market infrastructure providers.