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Reconnecting small companies to their investors

Closing the Gap
Man Measuring Window

Feasibility Study into an Irish Funds CSD

Making Funds Better
Watercolor Paints

Unintended consequences

Misfire of Financial Regulation
Dogs with Dog Walker

A basic guide to Collateral Management

Collateral Management for Beginners
Sunrise over the Wheat Field

PPT presentation 

Digital Commodities
Urban Skyline

Discussion paper on a new approach to stock exchanges

Issuer-driven stock exchanges
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Discussion paper on a range of cross-border instruments

Cross-border Instruments
Colorful yarn

Research and analysis on modern equity markets 

John Kay - Interim report into Equity Markets
Underwater Dive

Thoughts on the settlement of Investment Funds

What is a CSD?
Business Meeting

A guide to securities settlement

What is Securities Settlement?