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Markets have now become very complex.


Regulators are caught in a dilemma – how to strike the right balance between supporting the success of their national markets and upholding the best ideals of investor protection. Get the balance wrong and the result is either commercial failure or picking up the pieces of the latest scandal.


Digital technology carries the potential for revisiting a less complex market  era when there was less focus on intermediation and more on identifying the needs of the primary users of markets and bringing their activity to bear on the process of price formation, transacting and performance.


There are many specialists available, highly qualified in the skills found in modern, heavily intermediated financial markets – data analysts, Blockchain programmers, compliance officers and so on. Few have successfully brought markets into life with specific user and stakeholder requirements incorporated into their structure and fabric. Fewer can combine the background of both regulator and participant.

This is where Hembury Associates comes in. 


Hembury Associates has, since its establishment in 1998, focused on providing solutions to the barriers preventing markets developing and which can frustrate the evolution of the services that enables the markets to function. The Hembury team include experts in project  management, corporate advice, team development and administration. We have experience from “Big Four” management consulting, blue-chip corporate finance, regulation and a variety of back-office, corporate secretarial roles.

We regularly undertake surveys and feasibility studies into a variety of aspects of commercial life, often to validate a new idea or plan. We write strategic plans, business cases and have produced fully costed enterprise models to support new businesses. We have been brought into brief boards of directors on the requirements of new regulations and run workshops and "away days" for management teams to plan together. We have written and delivered a structured course for regulators to explore how to adjust to changes in international markets elsewhere.

Hembury is an enthusiastic promoter of using digital media to support the emergence of new marketplaces and methods of using them to support their stakeholders - issuers, traders and investors, not forgetting regulators and central banks.

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Chris is an experienced advisor and project manager. ​

He has held a variety of roles in banks and market organisations and for some years was a director at PwC management consultancy.


Chris is an accomplished facilitator and enjoys bringing teams together, often for the first time. He enjoys working with multicultural teams which is almost invariably on a virtual basis - placing great emphasis on efficient communication.


Chris has published articles and books covering a range of market related issues, some of which are available on this web-site. 

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