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Markets have now become very complex.


Regulators are caught in a dilemma – how to strike the right balance between supporting the success of their national markets and upholding the best ideals of investor protection. Get the balance wrong and the result is either commercial failure or picking up the pieces of the latest scandal.


Digital technology carries the potential for revisiting a less complex market  era when there was less focus on intermediation and more on identifying the needs of the primary users of markets and bringing their activity to bear on the process of price formation, transacting and performance.


There are many specialists available, highly qualified in the skills found in modern, heavily intermediated financial markets – data analysts, Blockchain programmers, compliance officers and so on. Few have successfully brought markets into life with specific user and stakeholder requirements incorporated into their structure and fabric. Fewer can combine the background of both regulator and participant.

This is where Hembury Associates comes in. Hembury Associates has, since its establishment in 1998, focused on developing markets and the services that make them work. The Hembury team include experts in listings and new issues, product management and first-hand leadership of exchange establishment. We have experience from “Big Four” management consulting, blue-chip corporate finance, investment fund administration and project management of new regulated market infrastructure.

We have deep experience in Depositary Receipts, from green-field start-ups in international banks, to developing ADR trading platforms and broadening the scope of DRs into new markets and covering a range of assets such as commodities and trade finance.

Hembury is an enthusiastic promoter of using digital registers as the core function to support the emergence of new marketplaces in securities, investment funds and commodities.

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Chris is an an advisor in capital markets and financial services.​


Previously, he served as senior executive with BNY Mellon in capital markets services. He was project leader and CEO of the BNY Mellon CSD venture in Belgium. 

He is presently advising Fintech projects and market service providers and has recently concluded due diligence support for cross-border acquisitions.

Asset tokenisation is a current focus. 

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BOB Head

Bob focuses on product and project management in the post-trade space with a particular emphasis on making processes safer and more efficient.


His recent experience has been concerned with the BNY Mellon CSD in Belgium where he was Head of Product Management.


Bob has experience in the funds market and international debt capital markets.